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Why GolfWRX?

GolfWRX is a leading source for news, information and resources for the connected golfer. GolfWRX reports on the latest golf news how it inspires golfers around the world and thus promotes the game. Our 5.2 million monthly visits, over 3 million unique users per month and social media followers makes GolfWRX the largest golf community on the web. Founded in 2005, GolfWRX is managed by a team of ninja golf nuts and operated by millions of social golf nuts… our awesome members!

Every month millions of people trust GolfWRX for the best golf information. From expert editorial reviews, breaking golf tour and industry news, what to play, how to play and where to play, GolfWRX is the “go to” golf destination on the web.

The world’s largest and best online golf community online is growing every day. GolfWRX surrounds consumers throughout the buying, learning and enrichment process from original photographic and video content, to peer to peer advice and or camaraderie, to technical how-tos and more.











92% MALE / 8% FEMALE
65% 18-49 / 51% 18-34
68% HHI $75K+ / 39% HHI $100K+


Sponsorship Opportunities

GolfWRX Member Experience

Give our most passionate and knowledgable members behind-the-scenes access to your facility and an in-person look at your products and processes. Our members will chronicle their experience and provide written perspectives inside of the forums with unprecedented editorial and social coverage from GolfWRX. View past post here


Homepage Takeover

Our homepage becomes yours! For a specified timeframe, all ad units will be filled by your company along with a re-skin of the homepage background.

Digital Creative Ads (Banners)

Our dynamic system guarantees your impressions for your message in front of our front-page audience.


Dedicated E-mail

Deliver a fully custom e-mail complete with product news, information, or promotions straight to the inboxes of GolfWRX readers.

Newsletter Marketing

Banner ad placement in our Monday-Friday morning digest of the day’s trending stories in golf, plus our Monday and Friday newsletters. Title/subject line sponsorship opportunities as well.


Forum Member Testing 

Allow the trusted and passionate members of golf’s largest forum to test your new products and provide written reviews, photos, data, and video impressions in comprehensive reviews. View past post here

Forum Giveaways

An opportunity to introduce your product to our forum members, promote your newest products, and allow them to touch the brand. View past post here

Forum Community Interactions

Engage with the world’s largest community of golf equipment enthusiasts and start threads for GolfWRXer consumption. Hop in the forums and answer questions about your product.


Sponsored posts, sponsored stories (with link capabilities), and user-engaged backed giveaways delivered to our audience of passionate golfers.

Facebook & Twitter

Utilize our social platforms to provide product news and information directly to our audience on Facebook and Twitter.


On-air reads of your message in dedicated blocks during our podcasts, plus product testing and reviews.


Sponsorship and Advertising Packages

Most of our sponsors run ongoing campaigns and modified volumes to adjust for seasonal exposure. These packages have proved to be best for developing momentum and relationships with the users. The nature of our social community is all about relationships with our readership.

75% of the benefits have “social engagement” that is unique to us where we leverage our members to engage with the content we can expose to them.

Please direct your advertising inquiries to [email protected]