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Featured Writers Program

GolfWRX is announcing a call for submissions: Pick up your pens and craft a masterpiece that we’ll ultimately present to our millions of monthly readers!

To give you a better idea about what we’re looking for and how the process works, read on.

GolfWRX has had a Featured Writer Program for years. Why are you doing this now?

We want to make it as easy as possible for new writers to submit their work to GolfWRX, foster competition, and most importantly, add new voices to the ongoing dialogue surrounding our game. Existing Featured Writers who contribute more than 5 articles per year may continue to work with our editors to craft their pieces.

For everyone else, though, we think this is a better mousetrap, and hopefully, one that is a little more fun, as we’ll be picking a winner from the first flight of submissions.

What type of content does GolfWRX want?

Equipment: Whether you’re a fitter, an amateur building, an enthusiast for modern, classic, or hickory clubs, we want to hear from you. Heck, if you can turn your WITB into compelling content with specs, and photos galore, we’re interested.

A photo from Peter Schmitt’s visit to the Louisville Golf factory.

Instruction (including fitness): We are always looking to publicize and promote the work of great teachers, particularly those who are well-versed both classic teachings and the latest schools of thought. TrackMan experts wanted! Course strategy experts, and mental game gurus, too!

Featured Writer Jaacob Bowden

Golf course architecture, travel: Great golf-related travel writing always has a place at GolfWRX. Additionally, if you’re a self-professed golf-architecture nerd looking to wax poetic about redans and width and angles, we’d be happy to host your work.

From Ari Techner’s, who contributes as a Featured Writer, piece on Seminole.

Strong editorials on the professional and amateur games: This may be the most valuable form of amateur writing we can feature on GolfWRX. No other outlet gives you the forum to sound your voice or file your letter to the editor about the state of this great game, its future (and past). If you have something to say, GolfWRX gives you the biggest microphone to say it. Period.

Editor-in-Chief Ben Alberstadt talks with Sergio Garcia.

How do I submit my article?

We have configured an easy-to-use Google Sheet where you can cut and paste the text of your article and click “submit.” Alternatively, if you’d rather attach your article as a document, you can do that as well. You can add any photos for the article with the ease of uploading attachments for an email. Add your bio section (if you want) at the end of your pice, and you’re all set.

What happens after I submit my article?

GolfWRX’s editors will review all submissions. In addition to determining the winning piece, we’ll let you know whether your article is a fit for publication (we’re certainly assuming the vast majority will be!) and add it to the calendar for publication.

This is your chance to be a part of the largest golf equipment news website in the world—and one of the largest golf sites in general.

So, GolfWRXers, put your golf thinking caps on and get ready to answer the “call”!

Submit your article to GolfWRX here.